Steve Green

Founder & President, #Foodiechats

Steve Green is an extremely enthusiastic and passionate person who has a zest for life. If anyone has met him, they know that his energy is contagious and will motivate you to get into action, NOW!

Steve's strengths are creating connections online and offline for his clients. He has spent years building his online communities and people are consistently sharing that they have met business connections through one of Steve's Social Media Communities.

"You pour your heart out on social media about business, and CRICKETS... But, when you share about your food passion, everyone comments, and engages with you. #Foodiechats was born on May 9, 2011 8:52pm ET. My Monday evenings will never be the same, because I Eat and Tweet with social foodies worldwide. I love when you Hashtag your food photos with #Foodiechats." - Steve Green

Steve is a huge sports fan, all Chicago sports teams, plus his Alma-mater The University of Miami. If you are on Instagram, be sure to follow him, as you will see some amazing shots consisting of Architecture, Nature and of course Food.

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